1. Introduction

Copperstring 2.0

Building prosperity for Northern Queensland.

What is Copperstring 2.0?

CopperString 2.0 is a high-voltage transmission line that will connect the people and communities of Mount Isa and the North West Minerals Province to the National Electricity Grid.

It will supply electricity to existing customers in North West Queensland and deliver opportunities for new industrial facilities and large agricultural and renewable energy projects.

CopperString 2.0 is supported by a wide range of community, political and business stakeholders from Townsville to Mount Isa, all of whom will be an integral part of the approvals, development and construction process.

2. Stages

What Stage is it at?

We’re currently working hard to finalise design, engineering, environmental approvals and finance.

The total network being developed will stretch for up to 1000km and consist of a high-voltage transmission line from a substation on the Ross to Strathmore transmission line (south of Townsville) to a substation near Cloncurry and then on to Mount Isa.

The project has an estimated total capital cost of $1.5 billion. It will create around 750 new full time jobs during construction and approximately 30 operational and maintenance jobs ongoing. We also expect significant indirect employment opportunities will occur as a result of the construction and commissioning of the project, with flow-on economic benefits for local communities between Townsville and Mount Isa.

Find out more about the economic benefits of future investments in minerals mining and industrial manufacturing linked to the North-West Minerals Province.

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Total Network
Estimated Total Cost
Number of Jobs Created

Direct and indirect employment equivalent to more than 9000 employee years over the life of the project.

3. Me

How will it affect me?

For the better. CopperString 2.0 will see the delivery of highly reliable and competitively priced electricity to communities in North West Queensland.

It will reduce electricity prices in the North West Minerals Province.

And there will be no negative impact on existing supply arrangements to any customer in North West Queensland.

4. Purpose

CopperString 2.0 Will:

Connect the North West Minerals Province to the National Electricity Grid near Townsville

Deliver a $1.5 billion investment in the region’s future

Help reduce electricity prices

Construct up to 1000km of high voltage AC transmission line

Begin construction in mid-2021.

5. Who

Who's Powering It?

CopperString 2.0 is being developed by CuString Pty Ltd, a private Townsville based company with a long history in the energy supply industry in North Queensland. Our founder has lived in Townsville for almost 40 years and has strong ties to local communities here and in the North West. CuString Pty Ltd has partnered with a number of businesses located in North Queensland to deliver key project services, with over $3 million of pre-construction work expected to be awarded to North Queensland businesses in the coming year.

6. When

When will it be built?

We’re aiming for a construction commencement date of mid-2021. Once we achieve all government approvals and reach agreement with the relevant landholders and Native Title groups, construction is expected to take approximately three years.

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7. How

How will it be built?

Copperstring 2.0 will be built using existing high-voltage AC transmission technology. We anticipate the transmission line will be aligned as closely as practical to existing major infrastructure such as the Flinders Highway and the railway line running west from Townsville.

It’s been classified as a Coordinated Project by the Queensland Coordinator General and an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is being undertaken over the next 9-12 months. As part of the EIS, a comprehensive community consultation program will be implemented and feedback and participation will be sought from landholder and community stakeholders. Information will be published as studies are completed.

Current Information can be found here

8. Contact

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